Urban Reports is a collective of documentary photographers working on architecture and landscape.

A European network of professionals able to activate partnerships and collaborations at the international level and develop projects and reportages at the urban and territorial scale.

Formed by photographers-architects from various European cities, the collective uses documentary photography to explore and report the transformations of contemporary urban landscapes.


Our collective


- Believes that photography is an effective, accessible and immediate medium to narrate

- Uses photography as a reading tool for contemporary territorial identity

- Adopts the network as a working method


The final product of every photography mission is always tailored on the client’s demands


- Urban Centers

- Towns, cities, metropolitan areas and regions

- Professional associations

- Universities, Urban and Landscape departments

- Public and private research institutes

- Cultural foundations

- Territorial agencies

- Editors

- Art Galleries

- Festivals and Events which address the urban dimension

(city making e city marketing)




- Fine Art Prints

- Digital supports

- Web products (mini-websites to promote the photo-reportages)

- Publications (also digital publications)

- Exhibitions

- Workshops and training

Born from a common desire to share each other’s professional experience and a vivid passion for urban chronicles, Urban Reports researches and documents today’s urban condition. Working simultaneously, yet from different contexts, the collective experiences a jointed and multifaceted cooperation that makes photography a reading tool for contemporary territorial identity and a visual evidence of how the habits, society and economy may influence and affect places and the urban space. The collective runs researches and documentation works and provides support to urban and territorial policies.

The collective places itself as the privileged speaker for the realisation of photo reportages, the elaboration of territorial researches and communication projects that help to understand the state of the art, mutations and evolutions of the urban scenarios.

Photography is conceived as a tool for steering reflection and critical observation of the territory. A visual instrument to support the elaboration, the management and the enhancement of strategic plans, projects of landscapes protection and urban renewal.

Urban portraits and urban story-telling become the product for exhibitions and publications.





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