Photography and Landscape

exploring territorial dynamics

Nederlands Fotomuseum – Rotterdam

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How does the perception of our cities have changed? How can we get a comprehensive understanding of it? How much do we know about our contemporary landscapes? How can we describe and represent them?

During this first year of life, Urban Reports has designed a pilot project testing a working approach to look at territorial changes by using documentary photography as a cultural tool to support the planning practice. Engaging professionals from different fields related to landscape, architecture, spatial planning, sociology, economy, agriculture engineering, etc.., the collective has realized an international photographic campaign with the aim to investigate the landscape of the city edges in different cities across Europe addressing the themes of land consumption, urban growth and planning frameworks, establishing alliances and cooperation with other disciplines  for a joint reflection on the theme of landscape transformation. How those city’s borders look like?  How are they currently being transformed?

More about the project at this link 

This project, designed and self-financed by Urban Reports, has produced a photographic campaign of the city edges of Rotterdam, Madrid, Milan and Turin, but it has also created a consistent international platform of experts, urban centers, private and public actors and cultural institutions.

On December 14th, 2017 in Turin, Italy, a public debate on “Photography and Landscape: analysis and communication of our contemporary landscapes” was organized in collaboration with IN/arch Piemonte, and held at the Urban Center Metropolitano. A second event was held in Rotterdam on January 26th, 2018: “Photography and landscape – exploring territorial dynamics”. Organized with the Nederlands Fotomuseum in partnership with the Association Deltametropolis, the experts’ meeting gathered a great variety of voices including urban  professionals, photographers, private actors and representatives of research centers and public institutions. 

What has emerged from the meetings is that photography documentation can offer material for building a new territorial narrative of our contemporary landscape and can be used to register the spatial and social dimension of the landscape. “Images as statement” as described by Theo Baart during the meeting in Rotterdam, explain the power of photography as a medium to investigate and explore urban dynamics. Providing the elements for the observation of those territories, photography campaigns can be useful for an in-depths analysis of the planning issues and challenges of transitional areas, stimulating a forward-looking reflection.

After Turin and Rotterdam, public events will be organized later this year, in Madrid and Milan.  ─

Watch the video of the meeting