Location: Rotterdam, Madrid, Torino, Milano

Photographers: Alessanrdo Guida, Davide Curatola Soprana, Isabella Sassi Farìas

Year: 2017


Report from the edge of the city is a project of documentary photography that investigates the administrative boundary of a city in relation to its actual “border”: those areas at the fringes (industrial areas, brownfields, port areas, green fields, suburban neighbourhoods, productive lands), that are the object of the most recent changes of the urban configurations as we know them.


Location: Roma (IT)

Photographer: Alessanrdo Guida

Year: 2015


Corviale is the limit beyond which is impossible to go. But the limit should be transformed into a border, an element of transition generating opportunities. A place where special relations can be established, inspired by unusual situations where creative forces and needs mingle and produce new answers. And Corviale will find them.


Location: Madrid (ES)

Photographer: Davide Curatola Soprana

Year: 2015


This is an Atlas of public space transformations realized by spontaneous actions of local communities of citizens both in the inner city and peri-urban areas. Often, they deal with themes such as Art and Urban Agriculture, and self-built Architecture and Design, and generally base their activities in the cultural sharing as a tangible and measurable tool of immediate urban reactivation. The object of this research are all those reclaimed spaces.


Location: Torino (IT)

Photographer: Alessandro Guida

Year: 2016


The Parco Dora Committee operated from 2006 to 2015 on a large territory, known as Spina 3, target of one of the most important programs of urban regeneration in the city of Turin. The massive transformation has affected an area of about one million square meters, and represents one of the most visible aspects of urban change in the city. A process that has redesigned and rethought the territory at the metropolitan scale, modeled on new economic, social and housing functions.


Location: Santiago (RCH)

Photographer: Isabella Sassi Farìas

Year: 2007 - 2009





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