© Davide Curatola Soprana 

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This is an Atlas of public space transformations realized by spontaneous actions of local communities of citizens both in the inner city and peri-urban areas. Often, they deal with themes such as Art and Urban Agriculture, and self-built Architecture and Design, and generally base their activities in the cultural sharing as a tangible and measurable tool of immediate urban reactivation. The object of this research are all those reclaimed spaces.

The transformation project started in 2010. It was promoted by the citizens of the neighborhood and the local associations in collaboration with the municipality of Madrid. The space (2800mq), owned by the municipality, was temporarily handed over to FRAVM (Federación Regional Asociaciones Vecinos Madrid). 

The municipality contributed in the initial phases with the contribution of 40,000 euros, while maintenance was under the responsibility of the residents and participants, through the activation of specific actions to get the resources for the maintenance of the public space and the realization of the recreational activities. The temporary architectures have been realized through the interaction between the inhabitants, the artists which are based in the area and by the ZuloArk , PaisajeTransversal and Basurama Handmade Urbanism ‘s collectives . 

Their Manifesto uses the following words and concepts: Hybrid city, Equipped square, Living in the conflict, New Role of the Architect, HandMade Urbanism, Pop-up Urbanism.