Powerscape at AFFR


Thursday 10 OCT 19:00 
Lantaren Venster ZAAL 3

Sunday 13 OCT 15:15
Lantaren Venster ZAAL 1


©Alessandro Guida

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The short movie made on the project Powerscape has been selected for the Architecture Film Festival in Rotterdam.


Enormous population growth, climate change, mass migration and increasing social inequality; the world is currently in a state of great flux. Insecurity is becoming paramount to our concerns now that new global forces arise, the power of populist movements is growing and pressure mounts on the European project. With the theme ‘Lost in Transition’ AFFR 2019 explores the need for a change in our way of thinking and living to guarantee a new world that is fairer and more sustainable. How will designers, city makers and builders shape this new world? Do new insights and technological solutions provide security for the future or have we become paralysed and ‘Lost in Transition’?


The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam looks at how the world deals with current changes and how this can be improved in the future. Whether it is tackling global warming, housing shortage or the refugee crisis, the projects in the festival show where the problems lie and how a better society can be made possible.

Annual film festival
Every year AFFR presents a programme packed with sensational new films, documentaries and shorts that address the latest developments in the built environment and urban society. The festival takes place at LantarenVenster in Rotterdam from 9 to 13 October 2019.